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A Tribute To Jose Mendoza Lopez

Through the eon’s of time on planet earth’s shores,
The Creator sends an ordained daughter or son,
Cradled inside each blessed one, he stores,
Heavenly treasures, for a race to be run.

One day from heaven’s kingdom to earth below,
Came a special gift from the Father’s throne,
Love and honor, were placed in an embryo,
God knew His purpose would be made known.

Without mans’ pomp or splendor, in a humble room,
Midst the cruelty of poverty, sickness and pain,
A son was born from a chosen woman’s womb,
His mother’s suffering would not be in vain.

The boy’s companions were heartache and sorrow,
His mother’s death brought great fear and grief,
Yet somehow he knew he could face tomorrow,
As his faith in God, brought strength and belief.

At the age of eight he left the land of his birth,
To begin a new life in a strange and foreign land,
He worked and toiled each day with the earth,
Knowing his life was always in God’s hand.

His mother’s words were etched in his heart,
“Someday, it will be your turn to take care of others,”
Now he was a man and was eager to start,
Serving his country, his sisters and brothers.

On a soldier of valor and honor, God smiled’
Jose has now heard him say, “Well done,”
We thank You Father for the gift of this child,
Whom America is proud to call “son!”

A Soldier’s Voice

As I lay out here in the hot desert sand,
Looking up to the heavens, I start to pray,
And invoke visions of a faraway land,
Imagining that I am there today.

Friends and I stop by some place to eat,
I order a burger, a cool drink and fries,
But an alarm made my heart skip a beat,
And I am forced to focus my eyes.

On this hellish place, where I chose to be,
Far away from the land that I love,
Yet as I fight for freedom, my God and country,
I shall be blessed from heaven above.

One thing I ask, of those with angry voices,
Your words do travel across the seas,
They hurt, for I know I made the right choices,
If you truly love me fall on your knees.

There is much that we do not understand,
But there is one thing I would ask,
Pray that God will forgive and heal our land,
And that I will safely complete my task.

A Restful Night

Thank You Jehovah Rapha for a restful night
Your healing power swept over my body and soul
As dawn breaks I behold the morning light
And praise You for making me whole

Holy Spirit I will die to myself today
So that Christ may live richly in me
Help me to love, honour and to obey
Let my heart and words be acceptable unto Thee.

A Psalm To David

My beloved one, my chosen son
Though the years have come and the years have gone
I have stayed your steps for a Master plan
For you have thought as a child
But now you must think as a man

You have hidden your heart for fear of pain
You have sought and planned for earthly gain
Rejoicing when favour comes your way
But remember my son this will all pass away

I choose to loose the chains that bind
And to set you free so that you may find
The joy and peace which only I can give
Open your heart to me and you will live

You are a temple I have chosen to dwell within
To fight the battles which you will win
For those who are weak and unable to see
A way through their torment to victory

Turn your eyes my son and look to me
I alone hold the keys to your destiny
There are doors I will close so you would not enter in
Doors I will open and as you go within
You will speak, you will touch, you will hear, you will see
You will live, you will move, you will love, through Me.

A Mother’s Pledge

Thank you Father for this gift which you have given to me
Thank you for blessing and trusting me to be a mother
When I look into its eyes Your love is all that I can see
I promise to cherish and love this child forever.

I promise to teach my child that you are its creator and its God
To lift up your name and daily give you praise
To let it know the good road is narrow and not broad
And to honour and love You all of its days

I promise to teach this child your command to love its neighbour
To love and bless its enemies and not to kill
To shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, visit the prisoner
These are your laws and this is your perfect will.

I promise to teach this child of your commandments and your laws
And that if they are broken one will pay a price
To let it know that even though there may be a righteous cause
Your Word says “to obey is better than sacrifice.”

A Message To David From Father

You are looking for answers that cannot be found
Listening to voices all around
Seeking for someone, something, somewhere
But it seems as if there is nothing out there.
My voice speaks to you from deep within
A still small voice saying, let me in
I have the answers you seek
Just hear the words the words which I speak
There is nothing about you that I do not know
For I am with you wherever you go
If you would only take my hand
Then one day you will understand
That the peace you now seek and the joy you crave
Will always hold you as a slave
I long to help you to be free
To reach your destiny with Me
For years you have strayed from My master plan
Now you must return to where it began
Just stop and think, there is no mystery
You were a child when you met Me
Before you were born I chose you from few
Somewhere, somehow, you always knew
I have a task for you to do.


ALOHA! Almighty God

This song was written to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The melody is to Aloha the song of Hawaii.
It was penned so that the natives of this glorious land would give all honour
and glory to its Creator. Kauai is the most beautiful island I have ever visited.



A lmighty thou art O Holy One
L ord who framed our Isles with oceans blue
O mnipotent God for all that You have done
H eavenly Father we sing praise to You
A lleluia! Alleluia! Our Islands give You all the glory
! Alleluia! Alleluia! To You alone we offer praise

H oly Spirit You gave these Islands birth
A ncient of days You set each star in place
W isdom made this paradise on earth
A bba! We thank You for Your grace.

I mmortal God your mighty wind has blown
I Am we bow before Your throne
ALOHA! With leis of love and praise.
HAWAII! Great Hosanna’s raise

Allelulia! Allelulia! Our Islands Give You all the glory
Allelulia! Allelulia! to You alone we offer praise

A Knock On My Door

A pain in my heart which seeped through my soul
Wretched, tortuous agony
A prayer that I surface from this deep dark hole
From this hellish misery

Oh my God! Oh no! Tell me it is not so
Someone made a big mistake!
Holy Spirit! Oh Jesus! Oh God! Let me know
It’s a bad dream from which I will awake

My Christopher! My love! My precious grandson!
God’s blessed gift to me
He was weak, he was strong, he was life, he was love
He was gifted to be able to see

Deeper than most into the good things of life
And into hellish evil too
He would battle each day with inward strife
Knowing that God would see him through

But now there came a knock on my door
And all of a sudden I knew
His spirit was willing but his flesh was weak
Yet I know, God HAS seen him through

To a “better place” where he said he would go
Where no evil spirit or foe
Could cause him to suffer anymore
Through the valleys he walked below

For now he walks on pastures green
Beside a crystal sea
Where one day soon with him I will share
Blessed eternity.

A Drink of Death

Dark are the nights and lonely the days
Time passes so slowly and life is a maze
With memories of moments
Filled with horror and pain
I can hear the voices again and again

“Your child has been killed by a deadly foe”
A venomous spirit drove the blow
It filled the mind of a driver who did not care
For as he drank of its poison he was aware
Of its evil power to kill and destroy
Lives in its path while he did enjoy
A fool’s attempt to find pleasure or peace
The cost?
The life of my child had to cease

A Dollar

Please stop!! And read,
And please sow a seed,

You will be blessed by the crop,
That your one little drop,
Will produce as you give a dollar.

Look not for race or color,
Nor white or blue collar,
Let us help others live,
By being willing to give,
Just One Dollar!