TWELVE STEPS I longed to become What I knew I could be Through the long lost years I searched for the key That would open the door To set me free As a spirit held captive my soul and I couldRead More

The Master’s Pen

Posted by Linda Rountree on August 8, 2017
Category: Frontpage Slider
“The Master’s Pen” As I hold the pen and write, each word is as a teardrop that falls onto the page. The Master’s Pen is His Spirit’s heartbeat for a world filled with confusion, which has resulted from the evilRead More
On February 4, 1994, my daughter, two grandchildren and myself started the morning out by going to the different agencies to help with our utilities. Since February 1993, I had been unemployed due to a layoff at my previous job.Read More
THE GREATEST GIFT Here for a season, sent from above, Created to share, my Father’s love, Complete to do, His perfect will, With a heart He filled, while I was still, With the greatest gift, the greatest gift of all.Read More
Who are these we see among us, Like strangers in a foreign land, Confused, angry, hurting, striving, For what? We do not understand. Some seem hungry, others homeless, Bodies scarred and wracked with pain, Haunted, frightened, lonely faces, Etched withRead More
The heavy thud of footsteps writes a story on the ground, As the sound of the drummer’s beat echoes all around, With a melancholy aria which pierces our souls, As we look and wonder, “for whom the bell tolls” SoldiersRead More
Is There Someone Somewhere? Is there someone somewhere? Someone with whom I can share? The many burdens I bear, Lord please hear my prayer, I long for someone. Just a letter or two, A visit from you, Will brighten thisRead More
I remember one night as I lay in my bed, Hearing frightened angry voices, I could not tell what they said, So I crept to the door and peeked through a crack, And then what I saw caused me toRead More
If only I had listened, had turned and walked away, From that hellish deadly fatal drink I would not have to pay, for the suffering and the agony, My evil lust has wrought, Ruined lives of innocent people, This sickeningRead More
When did I start, to break someone’s heart? Someone who felt it was worth? Enduring pain for my birth, Who shared all of my fears? Throughout all the years, And prayed day and night, never ceasing to fight, Never ceasingRead More


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