My Life Changing Journey with Live Now!

On February 4, 1994, my daughter, two grandchildren and myself started the morning out by going to the different agencies to help with our utilities. Since February 1993, I had been unemployed due to a layoff at my previous job. For a year, I searched and searched for a job (anything), but nothing was available. My daughter, grandchildren, my son and myself managed to keep a roof over our heads with the $440 I collected from unemployment.
The first week of December 1993, my unemployment was finished and I began to get worried. There was still no jobs available and Christmas was on the way. About a week before Christmas, I thought I was coming down with the flu, by the day before Christmas Eve it was pneumonia. I had been spitting up blood for three days and was at the point where I could not even get off the bed. My daughter finally called members of my family and they took me immediately to the hospital. Once at the hospital, they took x-rays and determined it was pneumonia,, wrote me a prescription for medication and sent me home “Merry Christmas”. It was only by the Grace of God, a few family members and friends that we got through the month of December. In January, my landlord was very understanding and let me hold off on my rent. I still continued to look for a job and also for some type of assistance, but there were no funds available anywhere. Around the second week of January 1994, I decided to go to the Community Health Clinic since I still wasn’t feeling well. Once there, the doctor informed me that I was to go immediately to the hospital because I still had pneumonia and my right lung was full of liquid, which could result in a very serious situation. After going through surgery and spending two weeks in the hospital, I finally got to go home. I was now two months behind on my rent, my light bill was due and I had no money coming in, no job and no prospects for getting either in the near future. I began wondering if my family and myself would soon be homeless and on the street.
It was on Thursday morning, February 3, 1994, when my daughter, grandchildren and myself left to go about looking help once again. We went to several places, but there was nothing, then I remembered a little organization I had gone to several years ago for some assistance. I remembered I not only received some help, but my daughter received Jesus her heart through the help of a very special lady. The organization that I am speaking of is Live Now Ministries and the special lady is none other than Mrs. Cicely Ratcliff.
Much to my surprise, after speaking with Mrs. Ratcliff, she informed me she was looking for a bookkeeper with computer knowledge and you will never guess what my job skills involved. I honestly believe that my Lord, Jesus Christ, sent me to Live Now. Within two days, I had the job and since then my life had been changing for the better. I got my rent caught up, (the place where we were living at was really bad) and because of Live Now, we were able to move into a real nice home. I love my work at Live Now and since being there and working with the people, I not only have a better perspective of myself, I know now what my priorities are. A very important one to me is being associated with Live Now and helping other people less fortunate than myself.
Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, Live Now is having to close its doors. This will be a very sad day not only for me, but for the youth, who just recently started their new program, “The Youth Light Center” and also our community as well. I feel that something could be done to stop this injustice. I have seen so many hurting people helped through this organization, there’s at least 75 to 100 people walking through Live Now doors on a daily basis—I know, I take care of the books. We are and have not been funded by anyone, even our city refuses to fund us and this is what makes me very angry. (It has been said that Live Now is not structured, I challenge anyone to come and look at our records and then make that statement). Even without funding, since I’ve been there and even before that, (I’m referring to past records),I know we have changed hundreds if not thousands of lives. I know through God’s grace, the closing of our doors will only be temporary, but I also know, it should never have to happen.
Live Now has brought not only honor to our city but love and compassion as well. Live Now welcomes everyone with open arms and a warm heart, it is just a shame that Live Now does not receive the same.
Linda Rountree
P.S. When Live Now closes its doors, I honestly can say, that I don’t know what will happen to my family and myself. My daughter, now three small grandchildren, my son and myself just moved into a nice home and I feel without my job, we will have to give that up and then I don’t know what will happen. Live Now does not only provide my family and myself with monetary help, but with spiritual help as well.

The Greatest Gift


Here for a season, sent from above,
Created to share, my Father’s love,
Complete to do, His perfect will,
With a heart He filled, while I was still,
With the greatest gift, the greatest gift of all.

I may not see, but I can feel,
With a heart which beats and a love which is real,
I may not speak but my eyes can say,
That I love, no one can take that away,
It is the greatest gift, the greatest gift of all.

I need not hear, to be able to care,
I may not walk, or even talk,
I may not see, but I am free,
Because He blessed me with the gift of His love,
It is the greatest gift of all.

To you who can see and walk and talk,
To you who can hear, there is one thing we can share,
A heart made to love, God’s gift from above,
We can touch, we can feel, we can care, we can share,
With the greatest gift, the greatest gift His love.

“Be inspired, be blessed”
The Master’s Pen

@ The National Library of Congress

Tribute To Veterans

Who are these we see among us,
Like strangers in a foreign land,
Confused, angry, hurting, striving,
For what? We do not understand.

Some seem hungry, others homeless,
Bodies scarred and wracked with pain,
Haunted, frightened, lonely faces,
Etched with sorrow and hurt remain.

Could these be the ones, who saved us?
Fought our battles far away,
Could these be the ones, who gave us?
The freedom that we share today.

Some are young, and some are older,
Many seem so weak in frame,
Yet they stand so high above us,
We cannot help but feel some shame,

Shame for sharing not their burdens,
For not standing by their side,
Helping them to fight their battles,
With our gratitude and pride.

As we look to our Creator,
Let us heed His words and pray,
Give us hearts to share their sorrow,
And the will to act today.

Let us stand today in honor,
Of those who gave their best,
With a pledge and with a purpose,
To fight their cause and let them rest.

“Be inspired, be blessed”

The Master’s Pen

© The National Library of Congress

Is There Someone Somewhere?

Is There Someone Somewhere?

Is there someone somewhere?
Someone with whom I can share?
The many burdens I bear,
Lord please hear my prayer,
I long for someone.

Just a letter or two,
A visit from you,
Will brighten this cell,
Ease the pain of this hell,
There must be someone somewhere.

If this song is for you,
Please make my wish come true,
For I long for a friend,
On whom I can depend,
Would you please be that someone.

Just a letter or two,
A visit from you,
Will brighten this cell,
Ease the pain of this hell,
There must be someone out there.

Is There Someone Somewhere, prisoner

Be inspired, be blessed”

The Master’s Pen

© The National Library of Congress

I Am A Man

I wonder how many men like me,
Have lost their hope and dignity,
Because of children they live in a haze,
Of lonely nights and hopeless days.

I am a man, I am big and strong,
I know just how to get along,
I make a living, not just for me,
But for my wife and family.

I try to do my very best,
But in my soul there is no rest,
For the words I hear, bring hurt and pain,
I hear them over and over again.

I have a house that is not a home,
Daily I pray and my thoughts would roam,
For someone who would take my hand,
And tell me that they understand.

Oh for a gentle word a loving touch,
Dear God I long for this so much.

“Be inspired, be blessed”

The Master’s Pen

© The National Library of Congress

The Drummer’s Sound

I feel I am spinning, spinning, spinning, on a great merry go round
Everyone is asking questions yet no answers have been found
Music places, voices, faces, everything around me races
Faster, faster, is the cry, we must rush before we die

I am young but I am tired, it seems so much has transpired
I have heard so many voices offering so many choices
Since I came onto earth’s all confusing stage
Yet I feel I am trapped within a stifling cage

Should I get off I am thinking now and yet I feel somewhere, somehow
I know that I am in this place to change the race to the Drummer’s pace
I have a key to set those free who ride with me
Which sounds like heaven’s jubilee

The beat is love and joy and peace and as my spinning starts to cease
I must tell those still spinning around to stop!……
And listen for the Drummer’s sound.

“Be inspired, be blessed”

The Master’s Pen

© The National Library of Congress

Christopher’s Song

I wish I could say that I am sorry,
For the pain you are feeling now,
I could heal your broken heart,
If I made a brand new start,
But I’ve always been too late somehow.
I wish I could say I am sorry.

I wish I could send you a letter,
But even if, these lifeless hands, could hold a pen,
No words could convey, or bring back yesterday,
So that I could say I am sorry.

Somewhere my will to fight and to do what was right,
Was lost in a crowd of friends,
And now it is too late, I have chosen my fate,
In this moment my short life ends.
I wish I could say I am sorry.

“Be inspired, be blessed”

The Master’s Pen

© The National Library of Congress

A Knock On My Door

A pain in my heart which seeped through my soul,
Wretched, tortuous agony,
A prayer that I surface from this deep dark hole,
From this hellish misery.

Oh my God! Oh no! Tell me it is not so,
Someone made a big mistake!
Holy Spirit! Oh Jesus! Oh God! Let me know,
It’s a bad dream from which I will awake.

My Christopher! My love! My precious grandson!
God’s blessed gift to me,
He was weak, he was strong, he was life, he was love,
He was gifted to be able to see.

Deeper than most, into the good things of life,
And into hellish evil too,
He would battle each day with inward strife,
Believing  that God would see him through.

But now there came a knock on my door,
And all of a sudden I knew,
His spirit was willing, but his flesh was weak,
Yet I know!  God has seen him through.

To a “better place,” where he said he would go,
Where no evil spirit or foe,
Could cause him to suffer anymore,
Through the valleys he walked below.

For now he walks on pastures green,
Beside a crystal sea,
Where one day soon, with him I will share,
Blessed eternity.

Be inspired, be blessed
The Master’s Pen

“My Spirit Speaks” By: The Master’s Pen

The Master's Pen - My Spirit Speaks

This is a book about suicide.


I wish I could say that I am sorry
For the pain you are feeling now
I could heal your broken heart
If I made a brand new start
But I’ve always been to late somehow
I wish I could say I’m sorry
I wish I could send you a letter
But even if these lifeless hands could hold a pen
No words could convey or bring back yesterday
So that I could say I’m sorry
Somewhere my will to fight and to do what was right
Was lost in a crowd of friends
And now it is too late I have chosen my fate
In this moment my short life ends.

“Be inspired, be blessed”
the Master’s Pen

“Christ shall be magnified in my body,
whether it be by life or by death”
Phillipians 1:20b