When did I start, to break someone’s heart?
Someone who felt it was worth?
Enduring pain for my birth,
Who shared all of my fears?
Throughout all the years,
And prayed day and night, never ceasing to fight,
Never ceasing to fight, for my peace.

If I could return to when, would I begin again?
To try to taste to see, how anxious would I be?
To cheat to steal to lie, even take the risk to die,
To prove that I belong?
When deep down in my heart, right from the very start,
I knew it was all wrong.

My mind, my heart, my soul,
Are now out of control,
I must, I can, I will, I have to reach,
The poison, that will bring a moment’s thrill,
As evil lying spirits mockingly,
Enjoy my agony insanity,
Who will deliver me?
Romans: 7/25

“Be inspired, be blessed”

The Master’s Pen

© The National Library of Congress