Our History


Live Now Ministries was founded in Brownsville, Texas in 1979. The purpose of this organization was to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in the community. The initiative was to assist the indigent not only with their physical and material needs, but to train and motivate clients in specific areas of need, in order for them to become useful and productive citizens in our community .

Over the Past two decades Live Now was privileged to change the lives of thousands. In 1995 we were afforded the opportunity of working with a pilot program which was created by congress to train and place welfare recipients in jobs. The reason why it was considered a pilot program, was because of the fact that it concentrated on level three welfare recipients who had never been dealt with before. AFDC recipients who had not acquired more than an 8th grade education, and those with various problems, such as individuals who had served jail, or prison sentences were placed in our program.

Approximately 80% of our students knew only Spanish, a few were illiterate and very few had reached 8th grade. Our agency was required to successfully place half of the students sent to us by the Texas Workforce agency. We placed more than double that amount.

Live Now is a multi-service agency. Families and individuals were referred to our agency for various needs such as shelter, food, utility bills, etc. The majority of clients who came to our agency for assistance were encouraged to enter one or more of our programs with a view to job placement.

Programs provided at our facility were: ESL basic, ESL advanced; Computer basic; Computer advanced; GED Expanded Nutrition; Sewing; Cake Decorating; Arts & Crafts, Nurses Aid and Self-improvement.

Live Now also had programs for veterans and the elderly. These programs were conducted mainly through our Youth Light Center. A great deal of emphasis was placed in these programs. and the fact that the youth in our community were enthused about serving the veterans and the senior citizens was a source of great enthusiasm and encouragement to everyone involved with our efforts.

Other activities which took place at Live Now over the past twenty years were Thanksgiving dinners for the needy when thousands were fed. Christmas dinners and gift distribution to needy families for thousands. Veterans day and 4th of July celebrations for veterans, when veterans and their families were entertained. Dinners for grandparents on monthly basis by Live Now Youth.

Live Now youth put on two day events at the civic center for thousands of visitors which included winter tourists. Numerous events occur at our agency throughout the year and each one involved the entire community; city and government agencies, the school district, local businesses, hospital and the community in general took part in these activities.

Over three hundred students have graduated from various programs at Live Now. Many of these students are now self-employed and many more are employed in local businesses and no longer receive welfare checks.

  Live Now Ministries has been serving the Rio Grande Valley since early 1979, and has fed, clothed, provided and found shelter for the indigent and for the homeless over the past 4 decades. A large percentage of those served are veterans for whom we have a special regard. This ministry is guided by the words of Jesus in Mathew 25:35,

“For I was hungry, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in.