Remember Me!

I remember one night as I lay in my bed,
Hearing frightened angry voices,
I could not tell what they said,
So I crept to the door and peeked through a crack,
And then what I saw caused me to run back.

I closed my eyes and covered my ears,
“God please let this be one of my nightmares,
Let me awake from this horrible dream,”
But I knew it was real and I wanted to scream!

“Please do not take my Daddy away,
Take those chains off his hands and let him stay,
I love him! I need him! I do not want to cry,
I do not want to tell my Daddy goodbye.”

There were lights that were flashing and cars drove away,
And all night long through my tears I would pray,
“God please help my Daddy and my Mommy too,
I am just a child there is nothing I can do.”

I miss you Daddy and I want you to know,
There is a love in my heart that continues to grow,
For even though you are not here and I do not understand,
I remember the times when you held my hand.

I love you Daddy and you always will be,
The greatest Dad in the world to me.

“Be inspired, be blessed”

The Master’s Pen

© The National Library of Congress