Shattered Lives

If only I had listened, had turned and walked away,
From that hellish deadly fatal drink
I would not have to pay, for the suffering and the agony,
My evil lust has wrought,
Ruined lives of innocent people,
This sickening moment brought.

Oh Lord my God this pain, keeps tearing at my heart,
My life all of a sudden, is fast falling apart,
The visions and the dreams, they just would not go away,
The memories wretched memories, it seems they are here to stay.

The screams, the blood, the bodies,
Sounds of sirens pierce my ears,
Bringing with them panic, then the worst of all my fears,
They are covering the bodies, Oh no! Oh God! They are dead.
Thoughts of anguish, pain and disbelief,
Keep running through my head.

Could I have caused this agony, what will their loved ones say,
Oh Lord my God! Please help me, I want to run away,
From the life which is before me,
The years of no escape,
From the guilt I feel, because I knew,
Driving drunk is a grave mistake.

“Be inspired, be blessed”

The Master’s Pen

© The National Library of Congress