Tribute To Veterans

Who are these we see among us,
Like strangers in a foreign land,
Confused, angry, hurting, striving,
For what? We do not understand.

Some seem hungry, others homeless,
Bodies scarred and wracked with pain,
Haunted, frightened, lonely faces,
Etched with sorrow and hurt remain.

Could these be the ones, who saved us?
Fought our battles far away,
Could these be the ones, who gave us?
The freedom that we share today.

Some are young, and some are older,
Many seem so weak in frame,
Yet they stand so high above us,
We cannot help but feel some shame,

Shame for sharing not their burdens,
For not standing by their side,
Helping them to fight their battles,
With our gratitude and pride.

As we look to our Creator,
Let us heed His words and pray,
Give us hearts to share their sorrow,
And the will to act today.

Let us stand today in honor,
Of those who gave their best,
With a pledge and with a purpose,
To fight their cause and let them rest.

“Be inspired, be blessed”

The Master’s Pen

© The National Library of Congress

Forever They Stand

The heavy thud of footsteps writes a story on the ground,
As the sound of the drummer’s beat echoes all around,
With a melancholy aria which pierces our souls,
As we look and wonder, “for whom the bell tolls”

Soldiers in unison once more board a plane,
For one more comrade they return time and again,
With disciplined precision, they perform their task,
While in their faces one can see, the grief they try to mask,
The heartache they are feeling, as each casket they bear,
For on each heart, we clearly see a soldier’s prayer and tear,
For the brother, or the sister, whose precious life was lost,
Who never paused to ponder or even count the cost,
Of giving their lives for freedom and to defend this land,
But for God and country, bravely took a stand.

From those of us who viewed with pain,
Through grief and tear brimmed eyes,
Love, gratitude, and pride remain,
For those who fought and won the prize.
Not one that was given here below,
Through the accolades of men,
But by the Greatest Commander in Chief,

“Be inspired, be blessed”
The Master’s Pen

© The National Library of Congress