A Message To David From Father

You are looking for answers that cannot be found Listening to voices all around Seeking for someone, something, somewhere But it seems as if there is nothing out there. My voice speaks to you from deep within A still small voice saying, let me in I have the answers you seek Just hear the words the words which I speak There is nothing about you that I do not know For I am with you […]

ALOHA! Almighty God

This song was written to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The melody is to Aloha the song of Hawaii. It was penned so that the natives of this glorious land would give all honour and glory to its Creator. Kauai is the most beautiful island I have ever visited.   ALOHA! ALMIGHTY GOD A lmighty thou art O Holy One L ord who framed our Isles with oceans blue O mnipotent God […]

Live Now Theme Song

“LIVE NOW THEME SONG” O my people, heed my heart’s cry, Let not my spirit strive in vain, As I pleading, pleadingly, remind you, Of my words oer again. Feed the hungry, clothe the needy, Give them shelter in my name, Touch them, love them, ease their burden To give them hope, that’s why I came. See the children, see their faces, Eyes all filled with grief remain, Just an outstretched hand from Jesus, Will […]

My Life Changing Journey with Live Now!

On February 4, 1994, my daughter, two grandchildren and myself started the morning out by going to the different agencies to help with our utilities. Since February 1993, I had been unemployed due to a layoff at my previous job. For a year, I searched and searched for a job (anything), but nothing was available. My daughter, grandchildren, my son and myself managed to keep a roof over our heads with the $440 I collected […]