I Am Just A Baby Too

Someone please help me, I know not what to do,
You must understand, I am just a baby too.
I know I was warned what could happen to me,
But I felt I could avoid this tragedy,
I am just a child and I am so afraid,
For my moment of passion, this price I have paid,
Now I have received for what I have done,
This innocent baby my precious one.

Was I just weak, or inclined to be wild?
I never dreamt I would have a child,
Now all of my peers are enjoying their lives,
Speaking of children when they become wives.
I still have the dolls with which I would play,
When did I leave them and go astray?
Now I have a baby and I feel so alone,
I wish I had waited until I was grown.

No more can I go and have fun with my friends,
There is so much to do before the day ends,
At times I just want to run away,
But I have no choice I just have to stay.
This innocent child has become a part of my life,
My world is filled with confusion and strife,
The fact that I am young, fills my heart with fears,
Now my eyes are always filled with tears.

I weep for my child and I weep for me,
While I try so hard to act nonchalantly,
I really know nothing about being a Mom,
But somehow this is what I have become.
Somehow I feel much older than my peers,
It seems that I have lost so many years,
I wish I could return to being young and free,
For in my heart I know I am still a baby.

“Be inspired, be blessed”

The Master’s Pen