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A Soldier’s Voice

As I lay out here in the hot desert sand, Looking up to the heavens, I start to pray, And invoke visions of a faraway land, Imagining that I am there today. Friends and I stop by some place to eat, I order a burger, a cool drink and fries, But an alarm made my heart skip a beat, And I am forced to focus my eyes. On this hellish place, where I chose to

A Restful Night

Thank You Jehovah Rapha for a restful night Your healing power swept over my body and soul As dawn breaks I behold the morning light And praise You for making me whole Holy Spirit I will die to myself today So that Christ may live richly in me Help me to love, honour and to obey Let my heart and words be acceptable unto Thee.

A Psalm To David

My beloved one, my chosen son Though the years have come and the years have gone I have stayed your steps for a Master plan For you have thought as a child But now you must think as a man You have hidden your heart for fear of pain You have sought and planned for earthly gain Rejoicing when favour comes your way But remember my son this will all pass away I choose to

My Life Changing Journey with Live Now!

On February 4, 1994, my daughter, two grandchildren and myself started the morning out by going to the different agencies to help with our utilities. Since February 1993, I had been unemployed due to a layoff at my previous job. For a year, I searched and searched for a job (anything), but nothing was available. My daughter, grandchildren, my son and myself managed to keep a roof over our heads with the $440 I collected