Belize Ministry

Live Now Belize Ministry began in 2008. Our ministry focuses on prisoners and families of prisoners. So far, our activities in Belize have been limited. As can be seen from testimonies, regarding our ministries, we have never solicited, nor accepted monetary donations. Thousands have been fed and received gifts and other items, such as clothing, etc., through the generosity of the founder and senior director of the ministry. Over the years we have sent funds to our representative, Rev. Kenrick Burns. Rev. Burns is a chaplain and counselor at the Belize prison; he also counsels and ministers to the families of prisoners. We would mention, as far as we are aware, Belize is the only Christian prison in the world. We are encouraged by the lives that are changed in the prison. We receive numerous letters from prisoners in Belize and are truly blessed by the heartfelt love for Christ and the changes taking place in their lives.

Over the years, our sacrificial giving has been a blessing to us and our ministry. However, due to the economic situation, we are reaching out for support for the ministry in Belize. We pray this would come from those who share our vision, Matt 25-34:36, in Belize, for this much needed ministry.

Our ministry has written books by “The Master’s Pen,” especially for prisoners – “My Spirit Speaks,” and “Aaron and Erica’s Garden” which are available through our website store.