A Tribute To Jose Mendoza Lopez

Through the eon’s of time on planet earth’s shores,
The Creator sends an ordained daughter or son,
Cradled inside each blessed one, he stores,
Heavenly treasures, for a race to be run.

One day from heaven’s kingdom to earth below,
Came a special gift from the Father’s throne,
Love and honor, were placed in an embryo,
God knew His purpose would be made known.

Without mans’ pomp or splendor, in a humble room,
Midst the cruelty of poverty, sickness and pain,
A son was born from a chosen woman’s womb,
His mother’s suffering would not be in vain.

The boy’s companions were heartache and sorrow,
His mother’s death brought great fear and grief,
Yet somehow he knew he could face tomorrow,
As his faith in God, brought strength and belief.

At the age of eight he left the land of his birth,
To begin a new life in a strange and foreign land,
He worked and toiled each day with the earth,
Knowing his life was always in God’s hand.

His mother’s words were etched in his heart,
“Someday, it will be your turn to take care of others,”
Now he was a man and was eager to start,
Serving his country, his sisters and brothers.

On a soldier of valor and honor, God smiled’
Jose has now heard him say, “Well done,”
We thank You Father for the gift of this child,
Whom America is proud to call “son!”

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