A Soldier’s Voice

As I lay out here in the hot desert sand,
Looking up to the heavens, I start to pray,
And invoke visions of a faraway land,
Imagining that I am there today.

Friends and I stop by some place to eat,
I order a burger, a cool drink and fries,
But an alarm made my heart skip a beat,
And I am forced to focus my eyes.

On this hellish place, where I chose to be,
Far away from the land that I love,
Yet as I fight for freedom, my God and country,
I shall be blessed from heaven above.

One thing I ask, of those with angry voices,
Your words do travel across the seas,
They hurt, for I know I made the right choices,
If you truly love me fall on your knees.

There is much that we do not understand,
But there is one thing I would ask,
Pray that God will forgive and heal our land,
And that I will safely complete my task.

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