A Mother’s Pledge

Thank you Father for this gift which you have given to me
Thank you for blessing and trusting me to be a mother
When I look into its eyes Your love is all that I can see
I promise to cherish and love this child forever.

I promise to teach my child that you are its creator and its God
To lift up your name and daily give you praise
To let it know the good road is narrow and not broad
And to honour and love You all of its days

I promise to teach this child your command to love its neighbour
To love and bless its enemies and not to kill
To shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, visit the prisoner
These are your laws and this is your perfect will.

I promise to teach this child of your commandments and your laws
And that if they are broken one will pay a price
To let it know that even though there may be a righteous cause
Your Word says “to obey is better than sacrifice.”

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