A Message To David From Father

You are looking for answers that cannot be found
Listening to voices all around
Seeking for someone, something, somewhere
But it seems as if there is nothing out there.
My voice speaks to you from deep within
A still small voice saying, let me in
I have the answers you seek
Just hear the words the words which I speak
There is nothing about you that I do not know
For I am with you wherever you go
If you would only take my hand
Then one day you will understand
That the peace you now seek and the joy you crave
Will always hold you as a slave
I long to help you to be free
To reach your destiny with Me
For years you have strayed from My master plan
Now you must return to where it began
Just stop and think, there is no mystery
You were a child when you met Me
Before you were born I chose you from few
Somewhere, somehow, you always knew
I have a task for you to do.


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