A Knock On My Door

A pain in my heart which seeped through my soul
Wretched, tortuous agony
A prayer that I surface from this deep dark hole
From this hellish misery

Oh my God! Oh no! Tell me it is not so
Someone made a big mistake!
Holy Spirit! Oh Jesus! Oh God! Let me know
It’s a bad dream from which I will awake

My Christopher! My love! My precious grandson!
God’s blessed gift to me
He was weak, he was strong, he was life, he was love
He was gifted to be able to see

Deeper than most into the good things of life
And into hellish evil too
He would battle each day with inward strife
Knowing that God would see him through

But now there came a knock on my door
And all of a sudden I knew
His spirit was willing but his flesh was weak
Yet I know, God HAS seen him through

To a “better place” where he said he would go
Where no evil spirit or foe
Could cause him to suffer anymore
Through the valleys he walked below

For now he walks on pastures green
Beside a crystal sea
Where one day soon with him I will share
Blessed eternity.

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